Have you ever seen beyond your Christmas tree

It’s love at first sight when you are surrounded by Christmas trees. But my #PedsePyar tree love, made me research a bit more on these evergreen coniferous beauties. Christmas tree has a name and a huge family too.

They have different varieties and species, They can be spruce, pine or fir.

The evergreen fir tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years.

Google search is always a click away and I’m glad this Christmas I’m more into the depth of what our Xmas trees actually are known as.

I’m surrounded by a lovely family of evergreen coniferous trees, the different variety of Xmas trees available here are awesome. I came to know about this variety thanks to google.

Abies balsamea – Canaan Fir

Cupressus arizonica or Arizona Cypress


Araucaria columnaris

Araucaria cunninghamii

Noble Fir or Abies Procera

Korean Fir or Abies koreana

Abies grandis or Grand fir


I always thought they are just Christmas trees till I started to click them and search more on there patterns and leaves. When you start seeing and loving them for there existence it goes beyond that. Today when I clicked and checked my pictures, I realized I am surrounded by thousands of these beauties. I know I can’t share all my thousand clicks so just to give a glimpse sharing here my favorite ones.

Christmas flavour is up in the air, the church bells are calling all. Cakes and cookies can be smelled around and chocolates add to the cheer.


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8 Responses

  1. Exactly what I thoughts a few years ago. Every coniferous tree to me was a Christmas tree but now I know a bit. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your post for Thursday Tree Love, Pragun! Glad to have you join!

  2. Alpana says:

    wow.never knew about these variety. Sometimes, I feel our knowledge is so limited. There is so much to learn and absorb from everywhere…. thanks for introducing me to this variety of Christmas tree

    • Glad you liked it, yes wo kehte hai na gyan sab jagah hai bus samet lo…
      When I started taking walks it was like surrounded by X’mas trees but thanks to google which told me that X’mas trees have more varieties to it, and I’m lucky to have surrounded by an ample variety of it.

  3. Shalzmojo says:

    Wow Pragun you really researched the Xmas tree so well – thanks for sharing this info with us. Lovely pictures of the majestic beauties too!

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