E is for Earth

In continuation of Panch Tatwa’s, I will be writing on this very important element of Earth, Our very own Mother Earth.
The one and only. The mother of all,
Layer by layer by layer has it formed,
The natures best gift for humans,
The only planet with water for survival,
With history untold and unexplored beneath it,
It has given so much to the mankind to live it,
The terrestrial planet filled with wonders,
it’s our home planet it’s for us not to make blunders.
lots of images have been clicked, a lot of research has been done…
Still, it has got lots to explore and find.
Be it Aurora or great barrier reef.
Be it Mt Everest or beautiful natural falls.
Earth has written many many untold unread stories.
From rocky cliffs to stone forests.
From glaciers to lakes.
Caves or boulders,
Sands or Seas,
Earth itself is empirical
It’s effluent of wonders, its exotic,
We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know. - W. H. Auden
Now about connecting with Earth.
The most powerful way to feel your connection to the Earth and to all beings is direct, through your five senses.
Our body is also part of this planet, this earth.
Sitting on the floor with legs crossed had been a ritual in India since ancient times. In my house, we still follow it, especially at all festivals. It has many health benefits such as-
It helps in digestion. the constant movement of back and forth and bend is like half padmasana which aids in digestion.
When you sit down and eat, your brain calms down and is better equipped to focus on the food you eat.
Helps our joints to be flexible. As by sitting on the floor, we strengthen the lumbar region of the body. We are automatically in the yoga posture. So do this yoga stay connected to Earth and travel places to soothe taste buds.
Go barefoot and feel it within yourself.
Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. - Khalil Gibran
Will add a bit about Earth hour too which is the latest initiative
Around the globe, millions of people, businesses, and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights, and make noise for climate change action. This year Earth Hour is at 8:30pm on 24 March 2018.
Earth Hour is a movement
Earth Hour is a worldwide movement organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
Read this beautiful quote by Sadhguru recently which says – “The earth that you walk upon has a sense of intelligence and memory. Even if you live in a concrete jungle, it is important to keep in touch with the earth.”
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  1. a wonderful choice of theme for the #AtoZ
    I agree about connecting with Earth. I used to know someone who was a Bach remedy specialist and he would constantly remind me how man is ill today because he has lost the connection with the earth. Walking barefoot was something he recommended often.

    • Thanks for appreciatng. Yes walking barefoot, sitting on floor are some simple things we can do on dialy basis. Thanks for sharing never knew its a therapy too.

  2. Iain Kelly says:

    We have to do so much better looking after our Earth. Nice post.

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