Ep 24 – Green Talks with Panchtatwa Girl Feat. Mitali Jagatdhar

“Restore balance. Most kids have technology, school and extracurricular activities covered. It’s time to add a pinch of adventure, a sprinkle of sunshine and a big handful of  outdoor play.” ~ Penny Whitehouse

      With sustainable parenting, there’s an emphasis on teaching children to be eco-conscious as well as making mindful decisions based on environmental impact. Basically, you seek to raise kids that love and care about the environment. There are many ways in sustainable parenting to make kids eco-conscious.        


Sustainability teaching 

Sustainability is about small changes we can make to help look after the planet. Making these changes helps protect animals, plants, and our natural resources so that future generations will be able to enjoy them. 

Thus teaching sustainability has not only become a requirement in schools today but is also synonymous with responsible citizenship. Educational institutions must teach sustainability through all possible aspects of life – be it through community living and agriculture to waste management and resource protection. 

Just as children are taught to respect their elders, and behave properly, they must also be taught to respect nature. They must be taught the value and importance of the environment and how we as humans can keep it safe. We all know that resources are limited, and like we balance our household budgets, we must also balance our growth to ensure these resources are there for coming generations. This can only be done if future generations are more conscious about their choices and have the concept of sustainable living rooted deep in them. Through sustainable development education, our schools can be the real catalyst for change.


Sustainable Parenting

In the first place, Teaching children about sustainability enables them to appreciate and respect the natural environment. So it can provide meaningful hands-on learning experiences.

  • They develop a sense of caring.
  • Increases respect and appreciation
  • Begins Responsible Conservation Efforts

In Finland, environmental education is a part of the national core curriculum of basic education. It aims at raising children into citizens who commit to a sustainable lifestyle. There is a motivation for kids to act for the environment and human well-being. Composting bins, recycling, and rubbish segregation are three great examples of educating children about their role as young protectors of the Earth. 

When it comes to kids, Sustainable development is based on three fundamental pillars: social, economic, and environmentalThese three pillars are informally referred to as people, planet, and profits. The foundations of environmental sustainability are: safeguarding water, saving energy, reducing waste, using recyclable packaging, limiting or eliminating the use of plastics, using sustainable transport, reusing paper, and protecting flora and fauna.

Likewise, The Earth loves and nurtures us so we should reciprocate that in our actions. Right from childhood, it bodes, indicates well if the child is encouraged not to waste food, water, or electricity. Basic habits like finishing what is on the plate, and switching off lights inculcated right when they are growing up, condition them for a green way of living. 

Tatwa Talks

In this episode, Join #PanchTatwaGirl and Mitali Jagatdhar aka Super mom mitali. Mitali is an influencer in the mommy space and runs one of the first dedicated mommy-based video channels in India, and a website meant for mommies- Super Mom Mitali. On her site, you can find information on parenting, pet parenting, zero waste lifestyle, sustainability, and kids, travel with kids, life stories, and home improvement. She also hosts the first ever and only International Moms Community on Facebook – SuperMOMS of the World. Being a super mom, Mitali believes and even I feel very strongly about this fact, that all the moms around the world are supermoms. Being a parent, being a conscious parent, and now added to it is being a conscious, aware, and eco-friendly parent. Mitali shares her sustainable journey clubbed with parenting goals.   

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Learning to be more environmentally friendly is easier than you think. You don’t have to jump in by changing everything, start small to make the changes more sustainable and a part of your normal life. 

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