“N” that came in our life last decade

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So let’s check out what’s in store in a word beginning from “N”

Noob or newb

this is one of the many new words of the past decade that we can thank the internet for. You’ll often see the word noob, newb or newbie on forums and comments sections online when people are referring to a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the internet.

So let’s see which gadget brought a change in our lives. So it’s N for Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch (2017)

Nintendo introduced Nintendo Switch in 2017 and it turned out as the greatest gaming device. The switch as they call it is smartphone inspired. It can be used portably or linked to a TV improving the gaming experience of the user. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Nintendo introduced Nintendo Switch in 2017, making it arguably the greatest gaming device. The smartphone inspired switch can be used portably or linked to a TV improving the gaming experience of the user. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

When you speak of gaming on the go, no one can top Nintendo’s track record. It began long back in 1989 with the humble Game Boy. But the introduction of its hybrid Nintendo Switch in 2017 — which you can play either portably or connected to your TV — might be the company’s most important contribution to gaming yet. It has taken the crown as the most important video game console of the decade. Its smartphone-inspired portability, paired with Nintendo’s ever-growing library of the blockbuster, independent and vintage titles, makes the Switch feel like the culmination of Nintendo’s idea of what gaming should be.

N for Google Pixel 3’s Night Mode

One of the most talked-about features of Google’s new smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL is the Night Mode. It clicks better images in low-light conditions and now other brands are also touting this feature after Google did.



  –   allows teachers to share interactive presentations to students’ mobile devices, control the pace of the slides and display responses to quizzes etc. on the screen in real time(iOS, Android, web).


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My theme for A2Z-2020 is peeping into new words and gadgets/ apps that time traveled in our lives in the last decade

and became part of our lives beyond separation now.

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  1. Newbie is such a common word that I feel it existed forever. Loved the post, enlightening as always

  2. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Thanks for teaching me about Noob/newb! Love learning new words!

  3. Loving the geek lessons Pragun..keep them coming..nearpod was a bouncer 🙂

  4. Thank you for another wonderful post. I only knew about newb ! All the other words are new to me!

  5. Coming across to know so many new words through this series. Noob / Newb was definitely new for me. Enlightening post.

  6. I had heard and in fact used “newbie” word so many times..it is common even in our blogging field. but nearpod is new to me..learning a lot eveyday so many new words with this series pragun.

  7. even I used many time Newb in the blogging world, how can I forget Nintendo switch, my son made me introduce with this game.

  8. Alpana says:

    Newb and Nintendo are the two words that I know. Others..you taught me today

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