Tree Love with Bishopwood

This Bishopwood Tree click is from my recent visit to the nearest sports club. I visited here after almost eight months. I didn’t go inside today either, it was just a random walk to see the place. The silence and calm of the area grabbed my attention. I stayed there for a little longer and this beautiful Bishopwood tree caught my attention.

Tree Love has certainly made me more aware of the trees around me. Google lens is playing a major role in this updated information. Well, frankly I was not aware of its name till Google lens came to my rescue. Glad that I got to know a new species today which I’m sharing with you here. This tree is shady and thick. I clicked a lot of pics and sure gave it a hug. 


Its scientific name is Bischofia javanica and is also known as Tigerwood, Java wood, and Javanese Bishopwood.

Bishopwood tree is called Bhillar, पनियाला Paniala, Kein, Kanj(Hindi), Goparini(Kannada), (Marathi), Urium(Assamese), Thondi, Milachityan(Tamil), Nalupu-musthi, Panta(Telugu).


BishopWood is an evergreen or semi-evergreen woody tree. The dark red, dense wood is used as a building material for items ranging from furniture to bridges. It was lovely to see its green leaves, thickly covered with leaves. It’s a huge tree of perennials category. It is a widely distributed species extending from India to South China, Indochina, and the Pacific Islands, and Northern Australia. Evergreen tree commonly 12–18 m (35–60 ft) in height with a dense, rounded head, smooth branches, and milky sap.

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6 Responses

  1. Ruchi Nasa says:

    That’s a new one for me

  2. Parul says:

    This one is beautiful Pragun! I love the green and the canopy that I see. Thanks for joining and I would love to see you back tomorrow.

  3. Alana says:

    A new tree for me. The wood sounds interesting. I didn’t think Google Lens was available for iPhone so I never investigated it – but your post inspired me and I found that it is available now. So you educated me twice today!

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