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WOW: What One Age Will You Pick For The Rest Of Your Life And Why?

It’s like a wish asked by the genie. All ages had its wonders but I love the twenty forever. Give me a chance and will re-live my twenty’s again till death. Its the beginning of youth, action, activeness, dreams, no looking back.
Would love to be young forever filled with energy to help, serve people around me. Do good cause in life. I always want the energy alive for me to be active an do more without being tired. I want to dream more, live more, breathe more.
Every action in the age is meant to change the world. There is so much fire inside to think, invent, project, shape…

I will  pick for the rest of my life this beautuful figure of 20….coz it’s the age of-

Determination age….Dreaming age
Deserving age….Deciding age
Difficult age….Diamond age
Designing age…Dancing age
Dating age…Daring age…Doing age
Positive age, Loving age, Healthy age.
We can shape future, Create generations, even can motivate others and Help others.
Its the age to-do, to work, to burn energy for the country, for people around us, for family and friends.
It’s the age to explore who you are, what you can do.
It’s the prime of your life, beautiful experience.
No liability age, which is given to prove yourself.
Hunger and desire to prove self without differenciation.
I would love to be in this age forever to stay energized, active, available, enthusiastic forever.

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