September "Kauphi"

Coffee/ “kauphi”/ Kick-start…. (this is how I love to spell it)…
Nothing can beat the aroma of freshly beaten home made coffee.
coffee 037    beaten coffee 3
Coffee given me ideas and this is how i get topic to blog.
Aromas of Coffee bean and tea leaf are intoxicating. And i love the way i experiment with coffee. Be it beaten coffee or filter coffee, Be it masala kauphi or bit of ginger in it.
I’m sure to bake a cake too with that with coffee liquor. And of-course sandwiches and pastry too that I plan to serve in my dream cafe… what say!!
Till now i update them on “chewdaa”
My kauphi is my best buddy and I can spend whole day in balcony with shade of lovely tree with my favorite book and whole universe with me.
kauphi cup
September Coffee has many things in list:
I am grateful to september for lot of things.
I participated in many blogospeher contests to let my blog grow up a bit.
It was a 2nd inning beginning for my ideal in my life my “Mother.”
I did a great job being a secretary of a local club and my show was a big hit.
I was confused about life but realized time goes on and no point thinking about it.
I learned more on Save water after hosting a campaign on it. Learnt a few more ways to incorporate water saving at my home.
Finding solutions is what i learnt instead of just pondering.
I worked a bit more on my dream cafe and pushed the thoughts further by collecting necessary info for start-up, with fresh energy with my kauphi.
I pondered on things life has given me and thanking the super power for it.
It’s my younger ones b’day this month so hosting a creative, fun filled party will be another task in my bag.
My younger one’s birth was a reason behind exploring myself via this blog.
So September coffee holds memories to cherish for life time. It opened a box full of life, feeling of nostalgia and gratitude all was there in September.
Kauphi is my healing beverage, holding the hot coffee mug in cold weather it will surely be like meditation and rejuvenation.
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13 Responses

  1. Aesha says:

    Congratualtions for all that you achieved in september. All the best for the coming months.

  2. shanayatales says:

    I can relate as I share a similar relationship with my cuppa, it’s my fav pick me up, every daunting task seems more manageable after a cup of my favorite coffee. 🙂

  3. Seems like you are having a beautiful yet busy September! I cannot agree with you more on the coffee part…I can say its my first love! Coffee literally comes to y rescue when ever i am stuck with something and unable to decide. 1 cup of strong coffee and everything is sorted!

  4. Dahlia says:

    Happy to meet you and share your love of coffee 🙂 I came over from #WordSante

  5. Namratha says:

    It is after all common knowledge that a lot can happen over coffee. All the best for October. A warm welcome to #WordSante

  6. What a lovely post 🙂 I absolutely agree with you about the power of a good cup of coffee & the wonderful experience of spending time with a warm cup and a book or just your day dreams 🙂

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