Pearls are my favorites, and I’m sure it’s among many of you.
So on this date 11-11, I plan to write about them only.
Diamonds may be girls best friend but pearls nowhere are left and surely deserve to come closer.
So here’s some pearl power for you:
Natural pearls produced by mussels and oysters are beautiful in every way.
I still dream to see that pearl in the shell once in my life.
It’s very funny that pearl which is so precious has no value for its owner, Mr. Oyster. It is its defense mechanism that gifts us such beautiful thing from nature.
It takes sometimes years to produce a 6mm or 8 mm natural pearl in its shell.
Other than natural there are cultured pearls too that intervenes manual help in making them. Even there are imitation pearls made of fish scales, glue, plastic etc.
Each pearl is individual, Each pearl has its own story and beauty.
A choker pearl set looks good on the long and slim neck.
The longer necklace looks good on the heavy and short neck.
Try dangling pearl earrings for round face to offset it.
Round button style pearls look good on thin face,
For Bracelet and rings – Take into account the size of your wrist and length of fingers.
If you have fuller features avoid small, delicate designs.
Don’t cover up your small features with bulky jewelry.
never use detergent, bleach, baking soda or ammonia-based products to clean pearls. Mild soap and water are good enough to wash them that too once in a while.
The bite test to check authentic one
Its old aunt’s way to check if its real or not. Rub it gently along the edge of your upper front teeth. If it tastes a bit sandy it is sure to be real girls. but if no sandy feel then its imitation.

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  1. superb post, you had shared really some wonderful information about pearls, which I had not learnt before. thanks for sharing it.

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