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Kerala floods is not a hidden secret and many came forward with a big heart for the cause. Out of this one is this team that silently helped and no media ever noticed.
It was a team effort from the group of helping hands, who came together for this effort. It was an idea from a beautiful lady to this gentleman who is ever smiling and always helping everyone. His wife Lata Vaidya along with her hubby dear Girish Vaidya was the initiator of this team who started working with another couple Kishan Doss and his wife Sunita Doss.
It all started with just an idea, zero cash and an appeal on an in-house portal.
IMG-20180818-WA0011Their first step/appeal was to share/ give information that relief material needs to be collected for both Kerala and Kodagu (a district in Karnataka) as both had been affected.
People in the apartment complex were motivated to come forward with their donations. A small list was prepared after discussion and a list of items was prepared on what all can be donated.
Within two days people started to pour in with their items marked for whatever place they wanted to donate out of the two different places.
The team identified two main points of contact for distribution of the collected items – 1 for Kerala and 1 for Kodagu. The first-day collection was put in 2 Innova cars and then taken to the collection center for Kerala. 1st-day collection for Kodagu was sent the next day early morning around 5 am
54baa6f3-40b5-4402-a5c6-93ca27bc1a07Waynad truck had already left at midnight and the contact person was also traveling with the truck so the team decided that second-day collection will have to be given to another distribution center.
The team found out that RSS was having their collection point close to their apartment and so it was decided that 2nd-day collection for Kerala will be given to them for further distribution in various parts of affected Kerala.
2nd-day collection for Kodagu consisting of some costly medicines and essential supplies  etc was also given to the Kodagu people on 3rd day noon.

More helping hands were joining the team, one major sponsor of clothes in the complex donated about 400 pairs of clothes for kids/teens. Donations from friends and relatives coming in from Mumbai, Turkey and even Dubai were also added to the cause.
Soon, the team could cater to one more direct requirement in Kerala 2 days after this drive as well with the money that they got in this, which was supported by many other people including the Managing Committee members of apartment complex (Sterling Terraces, Banashankari 3rd Phase, Bangalore) and logistical support etc from many other residents and their kids as well.


The ladies brigade actively came forward for sorting, packaging etc.

There are many unsung real-life champions who have helped or contributed towards the betterment of our society, Let’s learn from them and be a helping hand.
This is part of my Positive Humans series I have been writing on people who are an inspiration, motivation with their attitude of gratitude and ever helping nature. To meet such motivational humans click and read here.
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34 Responses

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hiya – this is wonderful to read … about all the thoughtful and helpful volunteers who put their time and energies into helping the Kerala victims … so many – yet they’ve all given so much to ease the victims of this natural disaster … thanks for sharing with us – Hilary

  2. Anagha Yatin says:

    Salute to these unsung heroes. Such noble souls!
    ITs very heartwarming to see that there are good people in the world around us and we can learn a great deal from them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful story of reaching out to share with our WATWB. Thank you so much.

  4. Tina Basu says:

    they are such noble souls. Must share about these unsung heroes.

  5. Few people work for people instead for fame! Kudos to great souls..

  6. Unity in true sense. When people really come forward to help people.

  7. Truly commendable. No effort is small and wasted. I am sure every little bit of stuff collected and donated helped someone very needy.

  8. mjothi says:

    Really a noble gesture. There are many who just talk, but few really gets to the field and does the dirty work.
    Salute to all people who participated!

  9. jaya1966 says:

    It is indeed heart-warming to read about how people from remote corners came together to help others who were unknown. It is this kind of spirit to help each other during adverse times that sustains human existence on this planet.

  10. Kerala floods, one can see that humanity is still left in the people. Reading this post makes me feel so proud to be an Indian and above all Human….

  11. Kerela floods somehow woke up the humanity in us where everyone was ready to help get Kerela back to life. Such a heartwarming post to read about the real heroes

  12. richa mina says:

    In Kerela floods India United and joined it’s hands together to help them in the tragic moments. my salute to such helping souls who made a difference in many lives.

  13. Varad says:

    Incidents like these are the main reasons that I don’t lose hope in humanity. I just wish we support and help each other every day of the year, instead of waiting for some disaster to strike. Even a small help to the nearby orphanage, or rehabilitation centre, or the animal welfare causes will make a lot of difference. Humans have kindness in them, only we keep it buried for special occasions.

  14. Yes you are right, well said help should not be time or day specific.

  15. There are so many unsung heroes all over the world. They help without demanding anything in return. And there’s another set of ppl who do nothing but become the face of the thing. Thanks for sharing this story.

  16. pythoroshan says:

    Happy to hear about this… So many heroes who stood up during our times of need

  17. sinjanag says:

    Wonderful endeavour. Thank you so much for your hard work towards the society. Hope Kerala recuperate soon from the disaster.

  18. Inspirational. There are lot of such small caring cells mobilised that collected and directly catered to the requirements on the ground in Kerala. There was a lady even in our apartment who collected money for food and blankets and made sure they reached collection points in mysore
    Namratha from #firstgreenstep #MyFriendAlexa

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