Enough responsibility for now!

Hello baby how was school?

Aai, I’m tired, very tired.

Oh, what happened did you run a lot in school.

No, Aai not that,

Then why are you tired?

Arey aai, class teacher was absent and you know na I am class monitor and I had to stand even in assembly to write names of children who were making noise.

also in madam’s period it was difficult for me to handle the class

these kids i tell you make so much noise uff oh. I have to singley(a new word by younger M candy) handle the whole class imagine what i had to go through.

hahaha…. I was laughing at all this.

Such innocence that such small things are such big problems for small kids.

Wish in life they face no big issues and always stay innocent and happy and chirping.

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  1. I can really imagine the face of your kid while reading this. My kid tells only a line or two and asks me to complete the story..atleast your kid is telling you the detailed story.

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