Did you hear that?

Oh yes, did you see page 3 today?

Arey the look on her face I tell you, it’s fishy…

Check their picture, she looks so disconnected…

See her face, there is something going on between them iI tell you…

Hahaha, so we all love gossip at some point in time. I am not a regular gossipmonger but yes sometimes it’s fun to peep the page 3’s and check out what’s happening in the life of our favorite actor or actress or a hot couple of tinsel town. Classified page 5 newspaper selective focus photography

More than half of India turns to page 3 daily in the newspaper as the Bollywood gossips are hot favorites. The entertainment industry rules the media life and who don’t what to know what’s happening inside there house.

The latest gossip in Tinseltown is that Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone my hot favorites are planning to start a family…

Really??? are you serious, I must say the kids are gonna be super hot then!

my favorite couple, the hottest one of Bollywood none other than Ranveer and Deepika are going to be parents. But guys its a rumor based on what people observed in different situations. Some say she is rejecting movies, some even can see the belly bump, I tell you gossips can be contagious.

The latest speculation had come up as the fans saw Deepika in loose-fitting clothes. Fans couldn’t stop their excitement and started guessing away. The couple had tied the knot last year and since then they have been painting the town red. They are all over Instagram with major major couple goals out there.

deepika padukone

image – glam bash

Check out the latest tweets with bump speculations.

This all started when Deepika addressed Ranveer as Daddiee and wrote ‘Hii Dadiee’ on Instagram, and that’s where it ends, she also attached the emoji of a Baby. And then started the series of events when their fans started speculating about her pregnancy and considered the message as a hint for the same. Deepika’s action has considered as a sign by her fans for her pregnancy.

So for all the fans who are waiting and longing to see the hot couple as parents and this would be a dream come true thing for them. Our media and social media will show all related news once you type #deepikapregnant. So, now you know where you need to head for the latest news about the hottest couple of Bollywood now.

The fans straight away started asking questions – Is she Pregnant? Is she hiding baby bump? and whatnot. Our rumored couple although is keeping silence on all this and haven’t given any comments. on these rumors and gossips.

Another fan announced: “Hiding baby bump.”

Another fan wrote “looks very pregnant”

While a lot of them on social media expressed their curiosity to know if Deepika is expecting a child, some others seem to be convinced that the actress is pregnant. While, as of now Deepika hasn’t confirmed if she pregnant or not.

Last month too, some rumors had made rounds suggesting that Padmaavat actress was pregnant. But the actress had not only denied the buzz but also expressed discontent at such speculations being made soon after an actress gets married. The duo is currently in London shooting for their upcoming film, ‘’83’.


Bollywood ,the entertainment industry is always active and gives us the masala kick, news and gossips every now and then.

You know which action hero replaces his director. ???

Also, I heard for an award winning role studio wants another star, who it is?

So, stay glued, keep reading and keep guessing and enjoy life!!!

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21 Responses

  1. Wow. Our media really does like to pick up every small thing and make it into a full blown article, eh? I mean this was just a comment in an Instagram pic and could have been an inside joke between the couple.

    Not just this but in most cases we see the same… So many articles based on twitter and Instagram pics.

  2. Kinshoo says:

    Oh didn’t know this gossip as well…. I am just not a Page 3 person anymore. But yes the kids will actually be super hot 😉
    #MyFriendAlexa #Blogchatter #momlearningwithbaby

  3. Kala Ravi says:

    Oh wow, that is one chatpata news, I wasn’t aware of! DeepVeer are such a striking couple, they’ll attract attention anywhere they go, anything they do! Their baby news if true, is going to be the most followed news! Thanks for the updates!

  4. Richa MIna says:

    It’s human nature to be interested in someone else’s life esp of people in limelight. i’ll admit of being guilty of same too 😉

  5. Hahahaha… I loved ir article.. I am a big Bollywood fan and love all masala gossips.. Looking forward to your next article!

  6. Archana says:

    Great very Unique topic picked by you! So agree It’s not the tale of Indian media and public figures only but the kind of disease most of the people are suffering of, right to the next door of your’s also.

  7. Trapti says:

    Bollywood gives us masala gossips as well as masala films like romance, comedy, drama, and melodrama. People always like gossips and they are interested to know about the life of their fans 😉

  8. It would have been better if social media was by a common man & for the common man.

  9. It would have been better if social media was by a common man & for the common man. The real stories we might find there are more intriguing than the fake stir created by people in limelight for attention

  10. Interesting. lol gossipers can be really poking too much on celeb life. At times, i think they lack normalcy in life without their words being dissected. But again, they signed up for this in package

  11. Ha!! I feel I live on another planet. I never heard of this one. Thanks for enlightening me Pragun 🙂 That’s a juicy bit of gossip #wordsmithkaurreads #BlogChatter #MyFriendAlexa

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