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Welcome to the Author Interview series hosted by Pragun and Suhasini. The Author duo are conducting the Author interview series for the Ebooks launched through Blogchatter Ebook program.

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  • 2nd interview – Meena Chatty author of “Starlit Sky”

Next in the series is Author Pratibha @Myepica. Since I am myself a nature lover and firm believer of Panchtatwas/ 5 elements and connecting with nature and panchtatwas of life, this book was a sure read for me. I was excited to know more about the eco way to baby care. Green parenting and eco baby care were the catchy words for me. I myself practice sustainable practices in daily life.

Our Author Pratibha is a well known blogger and author, she already has 4 books in her name. Pratibha has chosen an eco-friendly, chemical – free way to bring up her kids, this way she is certainly helping to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet and leaving it a better place for future generations. In her book, Pratibha has shared tips on what ingredients to look for while buying a baby product and also avoidable harmful ingredients to be avoided. she has recommended organic and natural products. She has shared many ways to live an eco-friendly life and be kind towards our Mother Nature. Cloth diapers, organic clothing are simple ways to begin with.

Let’s find out what Pratibha has to say about her book.

Us: What inspired you to start blogging?

Pratibha: What inspired me was the fact that eight years ago, I ago discovered the world of Eco-parenting. To put it in simpler words, discovering a life that was free from chemicals. A chance visit to a store acquainted me to chemical-free products. I was blissfully unaware that a world like that existed. And the next thing I knew was I was looking up more into ways that could help me reduce my carbon footprint on the earth. It also made me realize that like me there were many people and parents out there who were unaware of the perils of using such products.
My blog started as a medium to chronicle my understandings so that like-minded parents could read up as well and benefit from it. As my boys grew up, I moved my focus to sustainable living that a family could adopt as well.

Us: Can you please describe your blogging journey so far? And who are your biggest supporters?

Pratibha: My blogging journey has been fun! I never realized that there were so many things that one could explore when moving to sustainable living and the best part was it was all very do-able. It isn’t rocket science or expensive as many people presume it to be. One of the most humbling moments for me in these years was when a person contacted me after she had undergone a few rounds of chemo. She asked me a few questions and one line that she said stayed with me. ” I follow your blog, so I wanted to ask you.” That night I had to actually switch off from work to fight that overwhelm. It made me more conscious towards what I did and advocate.
My biggest supporters are all those who follow me 🙂 Truly love the messages and mails that I get from them when a post goes live.

Us: How it feels like to be called as “Author”

Pratibha: Honestly, this is my 4th e-book. One of my e-books is also available on Amazon Kindle. But then every book has its high! And this was no less. I knew that parents want to know more about eco-friendly parenting and sifting through the 500 odd posts in my blog can be cumbersome, so I chose to handpick just those posts that a new parent can use to know more about eco-friendly parenting. I guess with my experience in eco friendly parenting; I have always felt a strong responsibility to let others know that there is a world free from chemicals and thus this book was written. A mini introduction to create awareness about eco-friendly living. 

Us: What is the key learning for you from this Blogger to Author journey?

Pratibha: One of the major learning’s when you transition from a blogger to an author is the audience. I know that my blog has a set of regular audience since it is a niche one. When you move to the role of an author, the audience reach changes too. I see a wider reach in comparison to a blog.
Plus when you interact with other authors and BlogChatter makes it a carnival; you are assured that you are noticed. I have to admit that I have been super low key when it comes to visibility because I haven’t promoted it as much I would have liked to! A blog is more of a personal opinion; while a book is a more focused and formal sort of a thing. Rather than have someone sift through 500 odd posts, I am giving the information right here in one place.

Us: Do you want to share any future plans for your blog and books with us?

Pratibha: Yes! I plan to self-publish it on Kindle soon! That will probably give me the much needed push to write the book I have always been wanting to!

Us: How is your overall feeling on Blogchatter’s Carnival and what are your recommendations on the same for other bloggers

Pratibha: It’s been truly wonderful reading an assortment of books! The carnival has introduced me to many bloggers and authors as well that I have begun to follow. It is a really good platform to not in learn more.
My recommendation is to just get out of your comfort zone! A lot of times I know I have these zillion ideas popping up in my mind. Most of the times, I write them down, but most of the times I also tend to miss what I had jotted down and I have no idea if I may gunned down some stellar posts that could have seen the light of the day. As bloggers, we also influence the lives of other people and the only thing I always stress on is that if you have the power, do so judiciously. Blogchatter is a wonderful medium that helps bloggers believe in their potential and if you are a part of the team, make full use of it! 😉

So, Friends, this is the short interview of our well – known blogger friend Pratibha. You can read her much acclaimed Eco-Baby care and Green Parenting book by clicking here.

My co-host suhasini has reviewed this lovely book so don’t forget to read her review here and she has also tweeter reviewed it too here.

Happy Blogging & Green Living

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