Ditch the Disposables

Any new change or trend can change the face of the market within a day. In the present scenario, markets are experiencing promising & prominent markets around the globe. Our markets are presently dominated by single-use plastic products, disposable items, or styrofoam products. But slowly we are even realizing the harmful effects of using plastic and styrofoam products too. It’s high time we need to do something where we can be connected to our roots without harming nature. We need products that give us the satisfaction of not harming nature while using the particular product. And for that, we first need to Ditch the Disposables.

Disposables cause damage

Life is fast and everyone is in a rush. And in this race, we completely forgot the impact we are leaving on our nature. The use and throw culture, single-use plastics, and disposables, have created more harm to our environment. Just for the sake of ease of use, we end up with a huge plastic dump and waste. We need to Ditch the disposables and search for alternatives.


Disposable items like water bottles, plastic utensils, and carry-away boxes are so much part of our daily lives. Also, wet wipes, paper towels and tissues, and razors are part of our daily usage. Using them daily we don’t realize that these disposables and single-use products contribute to more plastic pollution and waste. Not only usage but manufacturing disposables also use natural resources and energy, which further contributes to climate change.

Reduce dependence on disposables

Lately, if you observe the trends, you will find we are moving back in time. All the past trends, old fashion, and practices are returning and rushing back. Whether it’s fashion, our habits, or culture, or like our fathers and forefathers we are moving towards organic. The major difference here is we are doing it cautiously and on purpose, while they lived a life without having any idea about it. We are aware of nature and we now want to modernize things too in a way that we can protect nature.

We need products made through regenerative sources so every time you use them you can have the satisfaction that it’s not harming the environment. Completely chemical-free products, so it doesn’t leech into food and hence doesn’t compromise biodegradability. Just try and choose reusable over disposables as a first step.

Choosing reusables over disposables

We need to understand a simple thing every bottle, container, box, or carry bag we use on earth took resources like water, energy, and chemicals to produce, and will need more of these resources to further recycle, once we just throw the bottle or the product. Whether cardboard, paper, glass, or plastic, everything leaves its mark. So just Ditch the disposables and choose the reusable ones.

India has a beautiful culture where we have seen the use of Palash, Sal, banana leaf, or cardamom as substitutes for disposables. These sources are even having medicinal values along with bio-degradable. We need to promote the usage of these products that can be helpful to remove plastic from our life. These disposals made from natural products are best for use anywhere, be it eating out, at social gatherings, or even at parties and daily use for those who want to replace plastic with something organic. Moreover, by using the products, we can help local people and local businesses and can bring a positive change in the market.


Ditch the Disposable items from your kitchen


  • Polythene/ Plastic bags
  • Take away Plastic containers
  • Plastic lids
  • Plastic bottles
  • Bottled water
  • Plastic straws
  • Grocery plastic bags
  • Food wrappers/ plastic cling
  • Styrofoam containers and cups
  • Single-use batteries
  • Cartridge pens/ refill pens
  • Plastic cutlery, forks, spoons, and knives
  • Tissue and paper towels
  • Plastic gift wrappers
  • Stirrers made of plastic
  • Nylon scrubbers
  • Polystyrene & Styrofoam cups and plates
  • Avoid using individual sachets of chilly, mayonnaise, or ketchup sauce.


In the last few years, it’s noticeable that we have seen a huge awakening in the quantity and volume of disposables and single-use plastics being used. We do realize the harm they cause to the environment. And so it is necessary to Ditch the disposables and choose reusables.


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