Don’t cut the corners of milk, curd, or other packets

Every year, tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean or landfills. Plastic was certainly a great invention, but it has become one of the fastest-growing environmental problems in the world. As per reports, the figure is estimated to rise to 60 tons per minute by 2050 if today’s plastic use and lack of adequate waste management continue similarly.

Plastic creates huge problems for humans as well as wildlife. Fishes, turtles, and other ocean creatures get entangled in plastic carrier bags, get ensnared in the fishing nets and gear. As a result, they die with their bellies full of plastics. Ultimately, the plastic enters the food chain, and in the food, we eat. The plastic problem is enormous, but if we take the right steps at right time, it can be solved. It’s high time we take action to reduce plastic waste.

Small pieces of plastic can be harmful

We can begin at our home by reducing some practices and becoming more aware of plastic waste. Let me share and make you ditch one bad habit and reduce plastic pollution at a minuscule percentage. Every step count and so does this. In almost every household, we buy milk either from a milkman in our utensils or even buy milk packets. Not only milk but we buy packets for curd, oil, pulses, chips, etc. The major problem with milk/ curd/ oil packets is that we end up cutting small edges at the corner of them. This can be a dangerous problem. Remember, make it a habit, and don’t cut the corners of these packets.

Yes, it might surprise you how a small plastic cutout can become a hazard? This small piece of plastic unknowingly ends up in garbage bins, water sources, and landfills. In the journey of this small piece, it travels inside animals’ tummies who end up eating it. The size is so small that they are not able to differentiate it and consume it for food.
An average household approximately consumes 2-3 packets of milk or curd on daily basis. We don’t realize the harm we are causing when we use the scissors to make that small corner cut. But we just need to pause and understand how on large scale it is harming the ecology. From today onwards don’t cut the corners and separate it from the milk, curd, or oil packets.

Small pieces of plastic are not recyclable

In the words of Kripa Ramachandran, an independent researcher on municipal solid waste and waste workers – “Milk packets are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which is a subclass of plastics. To be recycled, this type of plastic has to be compressed at a high temperature and in a certain shape; else, they add no value. If such pieces do not reach the recycling units, it disintegrates into microplastics, that is, less than five millimeters in length, like the size of microbeads used in gels and toothpaste. Rain and wind carry these smaller fragments into drainage systems, which could lead to clogging. These can even enter water bodies, and as a result, marine organisms may mistakenly consume them.” So this explains what happens to these small fragments of plastic that do not make it to recycling units. 

I realized this when a post reached me via social media platforms and made me realize my ongoing mistake and I stopped there and then.

Tejaswini Ananthkumar tweets – if milk packets are opened without separating a small piece of it, about 50 lakh such pieces can be prevented from making it to the garbage. The message started doing the rounds on social media platforms and making all of us think of this simple thing we have been doing wrong for years.

don't cut the corners
Don’t cut the corners

We need to be careful and make sure that we don’t cut out the small plastic piece while opening any polythene packing, be it milk, curd, oil, pulses, tea, sugar, etc. If we make it a habit and follow we can reduce a lot of plastic waste. We can save such crores of small pieces getting into garbage bins, landfills, and water bodies. We need to realize that such small pieces are very difficult to collect even by garbage pickers. Because of their small size, they end up in animals’ stomachs causing further harm to ecology.

How to open it?

I cut the packet in a horizontal manner, parallel to the packet, so I can pour the milk. And please don’t remove this portion from the packet with scissors, just let it stay intact. If it’s with the packet, we can ensure it goes for recycling in one piece. Make it a habit – Don’t cut the corners and save the environment.

don't cut the corners

To sum up, This post is part of my Earth series on Conscious living with sustainable practices, to spread more awareness. It’s Sustainable September, so join me for more such ways and tips and become part of my Conscious and sustainable living ideas. Visit my blog and make yourself conscious and aware of being more concerned for our environment, and alter your lifestyle. Let’s be conscious of our living and learn ways to conserve nature. Nurture The NatureDo check out my other posts on Sustainable Conscious living, a step towards a healthier planet. Which covers easy ways to save watersave energy, conservation at the home level, a little bit to heal our Mother Earth, and much more. This post is a part of Cause-a-Chatter by Blogchatter.

Being Eco-Friendly is not a choice, make it a habit.

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