On World Nature Conservation Day: Let’s Ensure sustainable living by reducing the burden on mother earth.

We celebrate World Nature Conservation Day on July 28 at the global level to raise awareness about the importance of natural resources and encourage people about the practices of protecting and conserving the resources and nature. We all will agree that a healthy environment is a foundation for a stable and healthy society. In order, to ensure the well-being of the present and future generations, we all must as responsible human beings and participate in protecting and following ways to conserve nature.

“Conservation is a cause that has no end. There is no point at which we will say our work is finished.” – Rachel Carson

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Nature conservation day

Our every activity and action relies upon nature. Our actions have a major effect on the planet. In return, it’s our obligation to preserve our environment. Lately, we are suffering a lot because in the last few years we have ignored nature, instead of preserving it. Nature conservation day focuses on educating people about the best practices to protect our natural resources as our planet Earth has only a limited amount of resources left that we hugely rely on each day like water, air, soil, and trees.

Nature provides us with all the essentials for our daily needs. Due to overpopulation and human negligence we started to over-exploit our resources. If this continues, there will be no resources left for our future generations.  Nature conservation means protecting nature from overexploiting. It also means using natural resources wisely so that needs of the present generation can be satisfied without compromising future generation’s ability to maximize their own needs. 

“Conservation is a great moral issue, for it involves the patriotic duty of ensuring the safety and continuance of the nation.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Why we need to conserve the resources

The primary purpose of World Nature Conservation Day is to defend, preserve sources and habitats. The day encourages people to save and protect Earth’s natural resources. These resources are fast-depleting owing to over-exploitation and even misuse. The aim of marking World Nature Conservation Day is to save our trees, water, and other resources. 

Conservation of resources has an important role in protecting the nature of the Earth. We can establish balance in nature and its beauty by preserving various components of nature – water, air, soil, vegetation, minerals, energy, flora, fauna, etc.

The wasteful use of natural resources, lack of conservation efforts have brought about some threats to natural resources. Deforestation, too much industrial development, climate change, pollution, and illegal wildlife trading. Global warming, diseases, natural disasters, flooding, drought, the melting of freshwater glaciers, and rising sea levels are all examples of a natural imbalance.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Practice these small steps for a sustainable lifestyle to protect and conserve nature & environment.
  • Do not cut the forests.
  • Use available water in the ground only when you need to.
  • Reducing dependence on fossil fuels, like diesel and petrol, can greatly help reducing carbon footprints. 
  • Stop production of intoxicating gases like carbon.
  • Make arrangements to save rainwater to bring groundwater back to level.
  • Limit noise pollution.
  • Discard plastic envelopes and use scrap paper envelopes or cloth bags.
  • Avoiding single-use plastic. Plastic has emerged as one of the major pollutants of the environment. And single-use plastic is one of them. The single-use plastics like polythene bags not only choke our drains but also pollute the groundwater table. To protect our nature, our first priority should be to avoid single-use plastic. 
  • Do not let the water flow excessively.
  • Pay bills online, it will not only save our time but also save paper and petrol diesel.
  • Use organic manure
  • Promote technologies to improve the climate.
  • Resist the intrigues to end the mountain.
  • Planting trees and increasing forest cover: As we all know, trees and forests are necessary for our survival as they provide us with food and oxygen, the need of the hour is to plant more trees, and increase forest cover. Deforestation on a big scale for housing and industries is posing huge challenges for humankind in terms of global warming.
  • Use techniques that are positively related to nature. 

“Conservation means the wise use of the earth and its resources for the lasting good of mankind” – Gifford Pinchot

Earth’s natural resources include air, minerals, plants, soil, water, and wildlife. Conservation is the care and protection of our resources. We need to preserve resources for future generations to come. It includes maintaining the diversity of species, genes, and ecosystems, as well as functions of the environment, such as nutrient cycling. Conservation seeks the sustainable use of nature by humans, for activities such as hunting, logging, or mining, while preservation means protecting nature from human use.

This post is part of my Earth series on Conscious living with sustainable practices. Let’s be conscious of our living and learn ways to conserve nature. Nurture The Nature. Do check out my other posts on Sustainable Conscious living, a step towards a healthier planet. Which covers easy ways to save water, save energy, conservation at the home level, a little bit to heal our Mother Earth, and much more. This post is a part of Cause-a-Chatter by Blogchatter.

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  1. Leha says:

    Plastic is one of the most dangerous pollutants. The sooner we try to minimize its use, the better it is for our planet.

  2. Thanks, Leha for visitng.
    Yes, every bit of plastic ever manufactured still exists today. We need to reuse and recycle and also reduce as much as we can.

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