Ep 8 – Green Talks with Panchtatwa Girl Ft. Nilima Buch from Punh: zero waste

The most environmentally friendly product is the one you didn’t buy. – Joshua Becker, founder of Becoming Minimalist

When we talk of eco-friendly living the very first thing that supports this cause is the three Rs of reducing, reusing, and recycling. तीन R का मतलब होता है REDUCE(कम उपयोग), RECYCLE(पुन: चक्रण) , REUSE(पुन: उपयोग) । इस नियम का उपयोग kar ke hum paryawaran ko nuksaan se bacha sakte hai. To ye jo shabd hai punh: yani RE ka hamare dincharya me kafi mahatva hai agar hum ise gaur se dekhe. In this episode of Green Podcast, we have among us Nilima Buch who is the owner and founder of Punh: zero waste.

Nilima has been a professional singer – stage performing artist since her teenage years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hindustani music (classical vocal) and in Western classical music from A R Rahman’s music college. During her college years, she was employed by The All India Radio as a radio announcer. After a fulfilling career in Indian art performances for 20 years, she secured a Diploma degree in French and started performing in many Western classical concerts for Opera music. Her love for gardening and nature got her busy with conducting social awareness workshops on environmental solutions… Later her passion for doing “Hatke” things in life prompted her to start a new venture of eco-friendly products. All this has not stopped her from pursuing her performing career, she still sings professionally online these days.

Punh: zero waste

Punh: zero waste promotes a sustainable lifestyle and sells biodegradable or recyclable alternatives of the store-bought plastic packed products under her initiative Punah – Zero Waste Choices. Under ‘Punah – Zero Waste Choices‘ she sells package-free alternatives for urban households, conducts workshops on how to shift to a low waste lifestyle, and supports other organizations who are actively working in waste management areas.

She aims towards Waste management and a Zero-waste lifestyle, which focuses on ways to reduce consumption that can benefit the planet. She sources raw materials for local businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.  That’s not all, She also spreads awareness of a pollution-free lifestyle through various workshops. She has been conducting these workshops for quite some years now.

Zero waste

Importantly, Zero Waste is a movement to reduce the amount one consumes and consequently throws away. Besides, Adopting a Zero Waste lifestyle is one of the most sustainable ways of living. In addition to this, when we say zero-waste You are more alert to what you consume and how you consume it. In short, we commit to reducing what we need, reusing as much as we can, sending little to be recycled, and composting what we cannot.

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