Ep 5 – Green Talks with Panchtatwa Girl Ft. Puspanjalee

To begin with, when panchtatwa girl talks about conscious and sustainable living, it means activities that are not harmful to the environment, And along with practices it even applies to our food and what we eat. In this episode we are discussing benefits of Natural farming and organic food.

“Natural foods” are often assumed to be foods that are minimally processed and do not contain any antibiotics or artificial flavors. In this episode of Green Talks, I thought of talking about natural farming and products derived from it. We have Puspanjalee sharing her views on natural farming and organic products. Puspanjalee Das Dutta is a Geographer turned writer and a writing coach. She teaches SEO writing and organic Facebook marketing for authors. Puspanjalee has co-authored four Geography books, Geography of Assam being the latest, and is also published in YourStory, Better Marketing, Goya Journal, Women’s Web, Parentous, Assam Tribune, and several digital magazines. She also has other books like Pakghar-Recipes from an Assamese Kitchen.

Puspanjalee uses and grows products and vegetables from natural farming. So if you are curious to know more about her journey towards natural farming and how it all started do listen to this episode of Green talks.

Natural farming

Important to realise, Nature farming uses only organic matter to enhance the vitality of the soil and enrich its inherent power. Natural Farming gives practitioners not only improved self-sufficiency but a feeling that they are getting to know the essence of nature. Since nature farming does not rely on commercial fertilizers, it is also known as fertilizer-free cultivation. 

Puspanjalee is a mommy who hits the road often with her kid to explore unexplored places and food. You will usually find her with a book and pen, scribbling down her thoughts. So in this episode she also shares conscious travel tips especially with kids.

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