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A step towards Conscious Living #CauseAChatter


First of all – Conscious Living, Well, these two words have invaded our lives in recent years.

So what does it mean to live consciously? Conscious living is about acting with intention rather than simply acting just to act.

It can be a feeling of peace and power, or

just choice of foods, or

loving nature or “tree-huggers,”

it can be anything that brings AWARENESS to every aspect of your life

— inside and out.

Probably, we can be conscious of our goals, our activities, our choices, thoughts anything.  I am a fan of “conscious living” and sustainable living. But when it came to writing on it, I was in 20-20 confusion on what to choose for #CauseAChatter.

A lot has changed in the last decade technologically, globally, climate-wise and much more. Since my blog is born for my passion for Panchtatwas of nature so I chose to write about the cause of saving our natural resources. I will be sharing my home/ personal/ individual ways for sustainable living and spreading positivity.

small steps towards Reuse Recycle Replace Reduce

I look forward to adding my small steps towards writing for Go green living and have a conscious living by small steps towards Reuse Recycle Replace Reduce. Maybe you’re conscious about the environment and have made choices to recycle, drive a Hybrid and not litter. It has been realized and proved that The wellbeing of our selves, our community, and earth are connected so a balanced simple living with nature connection is a must. To read more about Conscious living, waste management, sustainable living, minimalistic living, mindfulness living with me, look for #”Better Living Conscious Living”.


Image result for r's of life

Stay with me as I share with you a series of posts on sustainable living and positive humans by joining this series by BlogChatter for #CauseAChatter. If you too feel to bring a meaningful change and want to share with the world do participate in this wonderful campaign? Register here and start writing!


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