Book Review – Masala Khichdi of my marriage

Let’s peep in the book?

Masala Khichdi of my marriage is a great book that resonates and balances the ingredients of marriage with the perfect bowl of khichdi. When I read it to review I observed, Aakanksha beautifully compares all the ingredients which we add to masala khichdi and connect them to married life.

The author compares Ghee with love, trust, and honesty in married life, it sure freely flows in life, without even thinking of the fatty side. As trust and honesty certainly are the base.

A perfect comparison of masalas we add to khichdi pan with individuality and independence.

The author expresses nicely that every masala like jeera, laung, tej patta, etc blends perfectly in the khichdi still they stand out in their flavors similarly in a marriage a couple should blend well but still stand out as an individual.

Families are like medicinal importance just like the exact amount of hing.

I so loved tamatar/ tomato and pyaz/ onion be seen as equality and teamwork along with understanding and co-ordination.  Adding communication, dreams, vision, time to married life just like adding the necessary ingredients to khichdi is what is called life.

I won’t tell you all the ingredients in this review and how they are balanced with masala khichdi, for that please do read this awesome book and find out the beautiful views of Aakanksha to know more about the khichdi and married life. 

Why this Book?

If you feel marriage is all about adjustment and balance this book calls you to read. Do read how the author has written and expressed different situations of her own life, marriage experiences, and the way she shares all this in a humorous yet sensible way.

Enjoy the compatibility test and somewhere I can so well connect with it too. Do read this book and sure try making masala khichdi her way, you will surely love it.

Where to find the Book?

Available: Kindle Edition on Amazon


How’s the Book?

Book Title: Masala Khichdi of my marriage

Genre: Personal

Author: Aakanksha Vohra

Number of Pages: 42

Who’s the Author?

Aakanksha Vohra is a graduate in Advertising and PR, and a post-graduate in English. She chose to teach over the corporate world and now she is a full-time blogger and writer. Mother of two kids and award-winning blogger. In addition, She writes for the Momspresso platform too. The irony is she was once told writing will only waste her time and today proudly she is a published author. Check out her writeups here.

Aakanksha launched her debut book on her birthday and I wish you many many more books to your hat. How we interacted? I recall you participated in my blog hop. The main thing that made us chat was the Delhi connection. Jaise hi Delhi ka naam aata hai I can’t control my urge to interact somewhere. I’m so glad to have known you dear and so happy for you and your book. I’m glad to be part of your book journey when it was to upload on kindle and thanks for mentioning me in your book my dear published author. I’m not a pro at book review but this book was special and I loved it a lot. Here’s a small gift for a book launch and a birthday gift for you.

Birthday girl releases a book
Masala khichdi with a twist
Tales of marriage she tells
And excitedly we listen
The spices so well blend
The aroma that wafts off
The curly-haired sweetheart
Brings her debut version
For all to savor the khichdi platter
I wish her the very very best...
Just Keep writing
Be creative and
Keep expressing.

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  1. I am so touched by te review Pragun. Could not have asked for a better review. Thank you for being an encouragement that you always are.

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