A potpourri of emotions and feelings – The woman of substance

A small poem as an ode of love for woman’s day…

She is graceful, of course she is a woman

She is even bossy,

Why not, this woman sure knows to rule.

She is the boss baby,

No, not to control

Just so feel that she can lead and survive too

She has some leadership skills too

You prefer calling her bossy?

Oh please just choose wisely…

She is passionate

She is engaged

She is ambitious

She is ready to climb mountains

Yes she is bossy in her own ways…

She is feisty, oh why not…

She is hot & happening

After all it’s about being alive

There’s fire in her

She can warm you

Or even burn you down

She’s a free bird

With bare feet

Messy hair

Brilliant minds

Wild hearts

Feisty spirits

She can be your rhythmic poetry

She can even be a broken piece of pottery

She can be a story written in a diary

She can be a heart so fiery

She is a potpourri of thoughts

She is a path that joins the dots

She is a platter of emotions

She is a sight of vast ocean

She is curious yet furious

She is smart with a heart

She is arrogant but elegant

She is strong yet ready to get along

She is empowered yet flowered

She is everything yet nothing

She is complete yet missing many links

She is a soup of all flavors

She is lost yet truly yours

She is a book written with due care

She is unique not to be compared

She just needs affection and recognition

She doesn’t need you validation

Sense danger?? Hahaha relax she is just a woman

Embrace her, care her, respect her and understand her…

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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