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Modern Taste for Quaint Tradition!

A very creative artistic huge/ big/ giant form of traditional tribal bangle or say kangan/ bracelet made of dhokra craft (metal work by lost wax casting method practiced by the ghadwa community of Madhya Pradesh, chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha and west bengal).. Wish to have it

My world My nature

My world, My Life, My passion, My inspiration, My surrounding nature. Lucky to breathe daily in this beautiful hilly heaven Which I call My World for now. I’m a nature lover, yoga fancier, Sun-Sky watcher and with this beauty at my window, my world is

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Serene Scene

Word of the Day – Serene calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil, an expanse of clear sky or calm sea. This serene scene can keep me occupied for hours, My favorite place for de-stressing, relaxing and spending time with me and only my thoughts and musings.

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The field in front of my house

This field is my Day and night view, I can sit here for hours enjoying the spread of hills, houses, trees, up and down slopes. It is life for some, a lifeline for some, struggle for some and existence for many people. Once a plain

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I want to be a bird

I wish to be a bird So wish to reach the pond and feel the water So wish to fly and feel the air So wish to paly in the soil But will that be same when i touch the ground? So wish to know

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Jor ka jhatka – Wordless Wednesday

Toofan ke Pehle ki Shanti is what was captured as the floor is soon going to get a jor a jhatka, a much-awaited changeover, a new look to be trendy. The tiles have seen a lot but now it’s their goodbye time. A new one

D is for Desert

Desert always brings the poet in me out…. Desert Oh Desert Who are you? I’m calm yet complex, I’m peaceful and quiet, I can see stars that shine very bright. I may be dangerous yet is distinctive, I may be barren but with a Beauty,

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Hello Sun!

The Beautiful Sun-rays from north part of Incredible India. Wordless yet I speak volumes. The rising sun,the Valleys in front, The mountain so sturdy, the river so soft, The sun peeps out of clouds, Tells us it’s yet another day to feel proud. The sky

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Garden potpourri

A twig of the grass A drop of the rain A bloom of the flower A ray of the sun A hope of life A leaf on the tree Garden is potpourri of dreams With salubrious effect just by merely seeing it. Garden is a

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