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Serene Scene

Word of the Day – Serene calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil, an expanse of clear sky or calm sea. This serene scene can keep me occupied for hours, My favorite place for de-stressing, relaxing and spending time with me and only my thoughts and musings.

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Heart Prints

The Heart… The heart that left its footprints or rather say heart prints on me, the heart that left inspiration and hopes on me. Experiences that shaped and defined me. Who and what am I? Whom I met and What choices I made? My Life

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What this Song says

So which song am I listening to today…Hello music…. shake shake….and here it is….This is one of my favorites… A song from Marathi movie “natsamrat” A famous movie based on an Old classic novel about overcoming hurdles in life. This song ” khel mandala” meaning

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 Monday, Oct. 9 – PROMPT = Terminal When I read this prompt I was clueless. I imagined of airport terminal, I thought of to end or termination, I even thought of  fixed period of time, I even thought of an electronic device providing access to

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