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Monsoon Magic to Madness

Monsoon once again! Monsoon Magic, reminds me of the story of Vrishti, vrishti means rain and she was born on the day when it poured heavily that day. The story of a girl or maybe every girl who when becomes a mother takes life differently.

Xploring #BharatKaZaika with Mango pulp rolls – aam papad

“Mango” a juice fruit of tropical trees. It is the national fruit of our India our dear Bharat, and king of all fruits . So what better way to start #BharatKaZaika with this yummy, tasty, juicy, sweet and tasty fruit of Bharat. My Mango love

Walled Woman

Wishing all a very Happy Womens Day!!! This picture says a lot, one view I had was that she is getting freed from a enclosed building and another view was she is enjoying her me time in the enclosed walls that helped her search her

Heal the broken self

When I hold my broken self, I know it’s only me who can heal myself. That very moment I’m torn between two tides, You gave me the options to choose between the sides. Fear is a self-destructing fire, You left me holding just one end

The sail to forgive

Hey, Omi see we are back to the same place, such crystal clear water, such serene happiness, and the memories are back. Canoeing in this seas is an amazing experience always. Hope you are all right Oshi? Yes yes, of course, this place is my

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“Through the dark night chasing the morning light That headlight streaming white through the night” ― Richard L. Ratliff There is something alluring and captivating about this man in black. I looked at him searchingly, he paused to look at it again. Let me tell

The good old envelop of memories

Happy 2019. Back from a winter vacation long break, and getting back to routine is not easy. House needs special attention, cleaning, organizing, dusting. Wardrobes are calling me for arranging them, kitchen is calling me for washing, cleaning, re-arranging etc, lawn is calling me for

A road less traveled #writephoto

The endless road The soaring mission She has to walk this path To prove her ambition Need to reach destination Before its intermission She has given the auditions The hills are also giving permission She know that in present position Life won’t be same beyond

What if Festive Flavour never ends!

A famous Indian writer puts it “The Greatness of a Culture can be found in its Festivals”, and obviously the greatness of an Incredible country like India is seen in the wide spectrum of religions, occupations, vivid and vivacious list of festivals celebrated with sheer

Fun and Healthy Tiffin ideas – BonHappetee

Check this post also on Women’s Web Tiffin is a main concern for a mother of school going kids, and in my case it was double as my kids school timings are from 0830 to 1530 so all in all they had two breaks, breakfast

Yay it's my d-day!

    Such happy faces, Such fun & frolic, I’m super excited it’s my d-day…. I’m getting married after 4 days. Can’t express in words that life will be different. I will have to be more responsible, more caring towards a lovely soul who has

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Mirror of Memories

The mirror is set out by packers with other memories that need to be handled with care! The glimpse in the mirror and it all came rolling in front of my eyes like a movie, I still can’t believe is this the same place where

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Hello! kaun?

A busy day I’m on toes, kids had to rush to school, followed by hubby. I have to sit on my workstation for my today’s work, a family relative calls in between, so while turning the paratha on tawa which is to be packed for

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Seven-Year Life cycle

Seven-year itch, Seven-year cycles, Seven years to an age, Seven years of life… Call it whatever I realized about this seven-year itch when I thought at one day that finally, my seven-year itch of early motherhood ended, it was over when I felt my kids

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Six Minutes of Fame

I’m no expert on it its just my random views, on the way how to be known to fame on blogging platform. Six steps to make blog reach level of fame, and by fame i mean the eyes which see it out of your diaries

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Four Corners of the World

The four corners, The four compass points, in the center of which lies trees, forests, rivers, mountains the so called beginning of this world point. The far ends of the world; all parts of the world. It is believed that Mount Kailash, the Home of

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Three’s a Crowd

Both were happy because they were both they were two suddenly enters three a new one in life is it crowd??? or is it allowed??   they were relaxed  they were enjoying each other’s company now will they be uncomfortable with each other really? a

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Lesser of Two Evils

At crossroads between two bad choices, but have to make a choice whatsoever. Given two choices, but they are both bad, so the one which is less bad is considered the lesser of two evils. Ever had to make such a choice?? Yes! Life does

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Nothing is permanent

This too shall pass, so true. Life gives us laughs and pains, Happiness and sorrows and they all come with an expiry date is what I will say. They come, take there lead and then next chapter has to be taken on. This too shall

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Pearls are my favorites, and I’m sure it’s among many of you. So on this date 11-11, I plan to write about them only. Diamonds may be girls best friend but pearls nowhere are left and surely deserve to come closer. So here’s some pearl

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Heart Prints

The heart that left its footprints or rather say heart prints on me, the heart that left inspiration and hopes on me. Experiences that shaped and defined me. Who and what am I? Whom I met and What choices I made? My Life was a

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What this Song says

So which song am I listening to today…Hello music…. shake shake….and here it is….This is one of my favorites… A song from Marathi movie “natsamrat” A famous movie based on an Old classic novel about overcoming hurdles in life. This song ” khel mandala” meaning

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Monster – a frightening imaginary creature…. well then for sure my lil ones are no less than monsters. There is one nice monster that is non-living in my house, which is lying here or there somewhere, comes between my legs that I actually fall. It

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Making a choice

What will you choose comfort or courage? Can I or Can I not? Will I be able to do or Will I not? Should I say or should I not?   Leave your comfort zone to take that leap, Take one step further to feel

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LACK OF OBEDIENCE, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU? Refusing to obey, but why? Is it always necessary to obey, to follow rules or is it okay to break? I like to follow rules and it gives me tension if by mistake I skip a

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Bated Breath

Eager, Anxious, Excited, frightened, anticipation, suspense…whats up!…. holding your breath…why are you with bated breath…. What next ?? clueless…Restless… I read this word after a long long time. Dates me back to those literature reads of college by Shakespeare who writes “with bated breath and

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