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Leaf’s Odyssey “Outside My Window”

A leaf’s odyssey is about to begin When I sit and see Outside My Window… Nature is alive The view is fresh it’s the sign for monsoons to arrive The barren trees will now bear leaves The journey will soon begin It’s the season of

My unsaid poem

He wasn’t a hero neither was he any zero He’s one who’s name I bear, He’s the one who gave me my features. I have his glimpse says all to me, But i still miss that look like me.   When some one talks about

Monsoon Magic to Madness

Monsoon once again! Monsoon Magic, reminds me of the story of Vrishti, vrishti means rain and she was born on the day when it poured heavily that day. The story of a girl or maybe every girl who when becomes a mother takes life differently.

A road less traveled #writephoto

The endless road The soaring mission She has to walk this path To prove her ambition Need to reach destination Before its intermission She has given the auditions The hills are also giving permission She know that in present position Life won’t be same beyond

Come for a walk with me, in hills.

Namaskar readers! Let me take you for a walk today with me. I love walking and if it’s hills where I reside its like cherry on top of my walk. The lush green mountains, the green tea gardens, the pure oxygen, do I say more.

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I want to be a bird

I wish to be a bird So wish to reach the pond and feel the water So wish to fly and feel the air So wish to paly in the soil But will that be same when i touch the ground? So wish to know

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Nostalgic Magic

That day was nostalgic for many reasons. I was in middle of no where. Past was getting closed and future was still unpacked. Present was flowing, clock was moving, nothing seem to stop. And silly me was wrapped up in past memories filling myself with

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Nostalgic box full of "Life" itself

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge #2 – Friday, Oct. 6 – PROMPT = Nostalgic The Box made me Nostalgic because it was a box full of my, our life. It was a feeling of pleasure and also slight

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