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Let’s fold and share the load

Hey, Sonny boys of mine… What an eventful month and productive holidays we had. We washed the clothes together Also, We cleaned the cupboards otehr day, We washed the utensils Had a great time...

Reflections of My AtoZ 2019 1

Reflections of My AtoZ 2019

To begin with, thank-you so much to the atoz challenge organizers. I had participated with atozchallenge as well as blogchatter too. I also Congratulate myself on another successful completion and survivor of 26 A-to-Z...

SonDay Funday clean-Day 0

SonDay Funday clean-Day

Yet another week to spread the #sharetheLoad. I’m loving this initiative by Ariel as this all brings my boys more close to me, thankfully its chutti time here so I am able to get...


The Mystrey Blogger Award

This is the First time I have been nominated for The MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD by a very sweet person and running health and fitness blog at TrendToFit. Thank you very much. Your nomination has...


SonDay cleaning my wardrobe

Once again it’s time to share the load and this time it’s my candies who are helping me to clean the wardrobe too. I was out for a whole month because of an ongoing...


Son Share the Laundry

Recently I came across this Ariel India‘s campaign about “ShareTheLoadMovement”  on I am proud to have always had my boys to share the load with me since they grew up to understand this...