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‘30 Things That Make Me Happy

What makes me happy, oh! numerous things, but when it came to listing them down I had to rethink and that too 30, okay so here I go… I am a passionate lover of panchtatwas as well as Panchmahabhutas and the way they shape and

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August 2018

August started with lots on list keeping me active and on toes with To-Do lists all over. B’days on the list so loads of cakes, need to bake too and watch the weight too. Black forest cake, plum cake and death by chocolate too, uff

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Seven-Year Life cycle

Seven-year itch, Seven-year cycles, Seven years to an age, Seven years of life… Call it whatever I realized about this seven-year itch when I thought at one day that finally, my seven-year itch of early motherhood ended, it was over when I felt my kids

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Rang bhari Ekadashi

Today is rang bhari Ekadashi This day falls between mahashivratri and Holi festival. It is celebrated in north and specially in banaras as its believed that Lord shiva and parvati came to Kashi after getting married for the first time. Kashi as it is is

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A gift for me

A gift for me!!!! Oh really!!!! Who am I…. I’m a Wandering soul, Crazy girl, Restless gal, always on the go, on the toes. I am always confused I am restive I am multi-tasked and have multifarious views. So what will I gift myself. May

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 Monday, Oct. 9 – PROMPT = Terminal When I read this prompt I was clueless. I imagined of airport terminal, I thought of to end or termination, I even thought of  fixed period of time, I even thought of an electronic device providing access to

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