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Heart Prints

The heart that left its footprints or rather say heart prints on me, the heart that left inspiration and hopes on me. Experiences that shaped and defined me. Who and what am I? Whom I met and What choices I made? My Life was a

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Bated Breath

Eager, Anxious, Excited, frightened, anticipation, suspense…whats up!…. holding your breath…why are you with bated breath…. What next ?? clueless…Restless… I read this word after a long long time. Dates me back to those literature reads of college by Shakespeare who writes “with bated breath and

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  Monday, Oct. 9 – PROMPT = Terminal When I read this prompt I was clueless. I imagined of airport terminal, I thought of to end or termination, I even thought of  fixed period of time, I even thought of an electronic device providing access

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