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Bated Breath

Eager, Anxious, Excited, frightened, anticipation, suspense...whats up!.... holding your breath...why are you with bated breath.... What next ?? clueless...Restless... I read this word after a long long time. Dates me back to those literature reads of college by Shakespeare who writes "with bated breath and whisperin humbleness in the Merchant of Venice." I stood there… Continue reading Bated Breath

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#FaveFiveFriday Lines from Literature

#FaveFiveFriday is an initiative by Buzz Magazine I love books and penning down favorite lines comes naturally to it. Some times you read such beautiful lines that one can not move ahead ignoring them. SO underline them or note them down is a good habit. This topic stole my heart the moment I read about… Continue reading #FaveFiveFriday Lines from Literature