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Let’s fold and share the load

Hey, Sonny boys of mine… What an eventful month and productive holidays we had. We washed the clothes together Also, We cleaned the cupboards otehr day, We washed the utensils Had a great time when We laid tables, made teas and I’m really thankful that

SonDay Funday clean-Day

Yet another week to spread the #sharetheLoad. I’m loving this initiative by Ariel as this all brings my boys more close to me, thankfully its chutti time here so I am able to get them freely and willingly with me. “If sharing the load is

SonDay cleaning my wardrobe

Once again it’s time to share the load and this time its my candies who are helping me to clean the wardrobe too. I was out for a whole month because of an ongoing event/ conference. Once it got over I can sense the wardrobe

Son Share the Laundry

Recently I came across this Ariel India‘s campaign about “ShareTheLoadMovement”  on I am proud to have always had my boys to share the load with me since they grew up to understand this thing. It all started when we got transferred to a new

The good old envelop of memories

Happy 2019. Back from a winter vacation long break, and getting back to routine is not easy. House needs special attention, cleaning, organizing, dusting. Wardrobes are calling me for arranging them, kitchen is calling me for washing, cleaning, re-arranging etc, lawn is calling me for

Come for a walk with me, in hills.

Namaskar readers! Let me take you for a walk today with me. I love walking and if it’s hills where I reside its like cherry on top of my walk. The lush green mountains, the green tea gardens, the pure oxygen, do I say more.

What if Festive Flavour never ends!

A famous Indian writer puts it “The Greatness of a Culture can be found in its Festivals”, and obviously the greatness of an Incredible country like India is seen in the wide spectrum of religions, occupations, vivid and vivacious list of festivals celebrated with sheer

Yay it's my d-day!

    Such happy faces, Such fun & frolic, I’m super excited it’s my d-day…. I’m getting married after 4 days. Can’t express in words that life will be different. I will have to be more responsible, more caring towards a lovely soul who has

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‘30 Things That Make Me Happy

What makes me happy, oh! numerous things, but when it came to listing them down I had to rethink and that too 30, okay so here I go… I am a passionate lover of panchtatwas as well as Panchmahabhutas and the way they shape and

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Hello! kaun?

A busy day I’m on toes, kids had to rush to school, followed by hubby. I have to sit on my workstation for my today’s work, a family relative calls in between, so while turning the paratha on tawa which is to be packed for

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Whole Life Age

WOW: What One Age Will You Pick For The Rest Of Your Life And Why? It’s like a wish asked by the genie. All ages had its wonders but I love the twenty forever. Give me a chance and will re-live my twenty’s again till

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Helping hand – #WATWB

So I plan to write for 30 minutes what better than sharing a story of person who work for betterment of this society. We are all humans and we have a lot to be grateful for. I am sharing about someone with helping hands, who

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