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Seven-Year Life cycle

Seven-year itch, Seven-year cycles, Seven years to an age, Seven years of life… Call it whatever I realized about this seven-year itch when I thought at one day that finally, my seven-year itch of early motherhood ended, it was over when I felt my kids

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Six Minutes of Fame

I’m no expert on it its just my random views, on the way how to be known to fame on blogging platform. Six steps to make blog reach level of fame, and by fame i mean the eyes which see it out of your diaries

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Four Corners of the World

The four corners, The four compass points, in the center of which lies trees, forests, rivers, mountains the so called beginning of this world point. The far ends of the world; all parts of the world. It is believed that Mount Kailash, the Home of

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Three’s a Crowd

Both were happy because they were both they were two suddenly enters three a new one in life is it crowd??? or is it allowed??   they were relaxed  they were enjoying each other’s company now will they be uncomfortable with each other really? a

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Lesser of Two Evils

At crossroads between two bad choices, but have to make a choice whatsoever. Given two choices, but they are both bad, so the one which is less bad is considered the lesser of two evils. Ever had to make such a choice?? Yes! Life does

One Too Many

The idiom is usually used in context with the consumption of alcoholic beverages. But as I’m not drunk right now so will relate it too blogging journey only. How? Well, Will be writing a bit about having ONE or TOO MANY blogs. Yes since I am

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