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Patriotism reloaded 0

Patriotism reloaded

With the recent news on all news channels and tabloids doing the round stating that SC has made playing of the national anthem in cinema halls before screening of films optional. Well, my view...


Walled Woman

Wishing all a very Happy Womens Day!!! This picture says a lot, one view I had was that she is getting freed from a enclosed building and another view was she is enjoying her...

The sail to forgive 7

The sail to forgive

Hey, Omi see we are back to the same place, such crystal clear water, such serene happiness, and the memories are back. Canoeing in this seas is an amazing experience always. Hope you are...

#TellTaleThursday 6


“Through the dark night chasing the morning light That headlight streaming white through the night” ― Richard L. Ratliff There is something alluring and captivating about this man in black. I looked at him...



I welcome all to Explore 70th Birthday of Incredible India via our Blog journey. It’s an initiative of a team of 11 bloggers, who love to travel, share, learn and express. Lovely bloggers from incredible India will take you to beautiful, historical, incredible, cities of India with them. We believe in sharing is caring, So… Continue reading #XploreBharat


The good old envelop of memories

Happy 2019 Back from a winter vacation long break, and getting back to routine is not easy. House needs special attention, cleaning, organizing, dusting. Wardrobes are calling me for arranging them, the kitchen is...


A road less traveled #writephoto

The endless road The soaring mission She has to walk this path To prove her ambition Need to reach destination Before its intermission She has given the auditions The hills are also giving permission...


Yay it's my d-day!

    Such happy faces, Such fun & frolic, I’m super excited it’s my d-day…. I’m getting married after 4 days. Can’t express in words that life will be different. I will have to...

Mirror of Memories 19

Mirror of Memories

The mirror is set out by packers with other memories that need to be handled with care! The glimpse in the mirror and it all came rolling in front of my eyes like a...