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8 years have gone by when I decided to write my first online digital post online and the day my second bundle of joy was also born. The thought crept and I made my first blog which is lost somewhere in the jungle of blogs. The morning I thought of Blog I registred on blogger and thought will do this and that and so much. I was restless that day and had thought it’s because I m thinking of two babies at a time and have dreams for both of them. By evening another baby was born and two babies were in my lap. Well, one was on the laptop which was attended after a few weeks as the human baby born out of my flesh and blood was the priority. The second baby blog was born out of my mind and soul.  Today I share my 8 R’s of a post which I followed all these years.

I was technically sound but was not at all aware of the blogging world or jungle. It was a never-ending and ever learning journey. 8 years have passed and from many different blog names to the self-hosted site, last year lot has happened in between. But I still remember my first blog post I had written that day to mark my journey.

What I learned in this journey is not describable in just a few words, it’s a potpourri of a lot of things, lots of co-bloggers, writing styles, contests, campaigns some lost some win, recognition, name identity to name a few. What I understand is in this creative journey a thought can pop up anytime and how you present or write it depends on you. A little way to a post can give a great post.

Mind’s diary at work

Blogging, writing, expressing thoughts all can happen at any moment. Mind’s diary is always at work. Be it reading, remembering, recording the events and moments it is always busy. We are always surrounded with thoughts and sometimes they just pop up with that different or peculiar idea or moment worth recording or writing. To find out the R’s of a post  with me.

So many competitions, contests, blog hop, this subject that prompt and then some times getting into writer’s block. Is it all that sounds similar? Yes, it’s natural and no worries in times of technology we are at ease. As thoughts can pop up any time of the day or night and it needs to be recorded before it jumps out of mind’s window.

Diary, Ipad, Write, Blog, Workplace, Notebook

Most of the times I am writing in my mind, drafting, editing before I press the publish button. Yes, our mind’s diary is strong and always active but still, we need to publish it electronically or maybe on paper.

It must have happened with all bloggers, writers, authors, poets, thinkers….everyone. We bloggers eat, sleep, read, look, watch, think the only blog. Everywhere and in everything we look for a post to be written does this happen to you?

Sometimes a beautiful thought just pops up and by the time you reach home and sit to write, it just vanishes.

SO what to do?

Billiard, Ball, Black Ball, Eight, Round, BlackIn this digital world, I make use of mobiles note pad for that matter as it’s readily available any time with me. I love to write and a notepad is always handy on my workstation. But sometimes write in the middle of the walk, or on the drive, or even while cooking an idea can just pop-up and you can’t let it just go.

Here are few tips to immediately keep an account of your surprising eureka thought to capture-
  • Mobile is handy so make use of note pad.

There are many apps like –

  1. EverNote
  2. Microsoft OneNote
  3. Paper
  4. Simplenote

Click here for more details on these apps

  • Keep the camera on the main screen,  you never know when you get that object or moment for the click that is needed for your blog post or photo prompt.
  • If you use your blog platform or web-page from mobile, just type it whatever comes to in the mind instantly. Writing in points is helpful. This way at-least the information or matter or pointers stay in draft form so you can edit later. Write down main points if not the whole matter, so you can connect it later.
  • It’s hard to beat pen and paper which don’t need a charger or upgrade or passwords. Carry a note pad with a pen attached to it, to just write down all the random views you had framed in your mind.
Will share with you 8 R’s of a post in making.

As we have now learned to follow the R’s of Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repair in our daily life, similarly for bloggers I have framed the following R’s-

The 8 R’s of a postNumber, Eight, 8, Numerical, Alphabet, Numeric, Digit

  • Record it
  • Roughly draft it
  • Reconnect it
  • Refer it
  • Re-write it
  • Research on the topic
  • Readability is must, so make it readable
  • Ready to post

So, follow these R’s to happy writing time. If you are looking what to write refer this. Happy Bloging to all.

Let me tell you that 8 is my favorite number which always gives me the hope of infinity of endless possibilities.

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Judy Morris · 28th September 2019 at 20:18

Yes, surely the 8 Rs of a post should be kept in mindand practised with each online article especially when sharing a knowledge-rich article.

    PraGun · 30th September 2019 at 08:55

    Thanks for reading

Narinder Bhatia · 28th September 2019 at 23:58

Hi, that’s a cute post and i enjoyed the way you described your journey as a blogger. For a blogger, as his/ her blogging evolves, so does his/ her personality and perspective. I also liked the 8 R’s of a post which infact, cover the entire life cycle of a blog post. Great job done 🙂

    PraGun · 30th September 2019 at 08:56

    Thanks for such kind words and liking the post.
    Blogging is a learning journey which gets better with every new read and writing.

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