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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Thursday Tree Love – September

Nilgiris – the nature’s paradise This page is a very beautiful one from my travel diary. Full of greenery and rare plants. A must-see place for nature lovers. Sim’s Park is among one of the beauties of Coonoor city. You can see many varieties of

Live in Harmony With Nature

It is essential to Live in Harmony with nature to nourish our soul, and feeling more balanced and joyful in our lives. Our daily lives can have a big impact on nature, and we are now beginning to look to nature to find solutions to

“Wada Paav” Xploring Maharashtra street food

I love street food and being Maharashtrian Wada paav the yummy bun dumpling or call it Indian fatty cutlet as my dear friend ash says it, is my all-time favorite. What better way to start your day tasting Bharat ka zaika with this wonder food,

Parenting – Patiently, Practically and positively

Parenting is not a cakewalk, but if the ingredients are in good proportion it can bake well. Yes with ingredients like patience, calmness, practicality, being tricky we can achieve a better parenting approach. Parenting approached with patience and positivity turn out with a beautiful relationship

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Ganesha is back with festivity and fervor. Colorful dresses, filled with faith and trust, devotees welcome the Elephant God. He is everywhere homes, colonies, societies, offices, community halls and more. So say loudly “Ganpati Bappa Morya” and Welcome the God of intelligence. गणेश चतुर्थी हिंदू

How writing became my ikigai

I’ve been writing since I was 8, but I didn’t get any visible benefits from it for years. As I was just writing it in my personal diary. Now writing is my ikigai, my passion, my part-time profession, my support. My blog is my ikigai

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