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Thursday Treelove

Morning walk with my sunshine. I am following this routine of dropping my kids to school by walk. Its best time to walk as well as talk with them. Such walks are one of the benefits of living in hills.

The morning sunshine, clouds, trees, roads all give a positive beautiful refreshing sight daily. The nature walk in my nilgiris is also my power booster for the day and I rarely miss it.

The sunshine capture today with hope positivity and warmth.

Mornings be like filled with greenery and gratitude, positivity and picturesque locations, filled with happiness and hopes, thanking nature and its elements always.

14 thoughts on “Thursday Treelove”

  1. arv says:

    I had no idea that you also write for Thursday tree Love. By the way, which city do you live in?

    1. PraGun says:

      I am an eco blogger. Sun-Sea-Sky-Sand watching are my favorite hobbies.
      U missed it in my post it seems… I stay in Nilgiris
      I am a big fan of your clicks and I love your photography , hope I get to learn a bit too

  2. Paresh Godhwani says:

    It is good to know that you start your day walking with your kids. I agree with you, mornings are simply beautiful, you get positive vibes and energy by doing a morning walk. I used to do it but after reading your post I will start again.

    1. PraGun says:

      Glad to know you will start interacting with nature again, keep walking and keep blogging.

  3. writenlive says:

    Ah, lovely pictures PraGun. I agree the walks in the hills are the best part of living there. And since the weather is agreeable, one can go for a walk even in the afternoon.
    So missing the hills and the beautiful scenery.

    1. PraGun says:

      Thanks for liking
      Yes, hills are majestic and full of beauty.

  4. vidhya Thakkar says:

    I loved the picture. Walking calms me down always!

    1. PraGun says:

      Thanks for liking
      yes, nature walks refreshes the mind and soul

  5. Priyanka says:

    My kid is 1.5 years old and I could see doing this morning walk with him! It’s such a serene idea to spend time together this way!

    1. PraGun says:

      True said walk with kids help us to interact with kids as well as nature too.

  6. Parul Thakur says:

    Such beautiful shots and what a delight it would be seeing them in the morning. The blooming tree looks like a Bougainvillea.
    Pragun, welcome to Thursday Tree Love. I am so excited that you chose to join. Thank you! I hope to see you around tomorrow for the next edition.

    1. PraGun says:

      Thanks a lot for visiting, yes hills have beautiful serene beauty to offer every morning.
      It’s my pleasure to be part of Thursday Tree Love.

  7. Unishta says:

    It is wonderful to walk in the morning and to capture the rising sun is indeed a blessing.

    1. PraGun says:

      Yes indeed, nature gives you beautiful views

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