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Monthly Archives: August 2019

How to celebrate this August festive season?

How to Celebrate August festive season?  When festivals and celebrations are there, sweettooth and sweet cravings automatically arise. “Isi baat par muth toh meetha karna hi Hoga.” With so many festivals around the corner my sweet cravings are growing. So let’s celebrate August festivity with

Carpet Cleaners – Why and How?

The festive season is around the corner and there comes the need to clean up the house.  The first thing that comes in mind is cleaning of curtains and carpets along with cleaning the almirahs and cupboards. However, regular carpet cleaning is extremely important when

Abhiyan for Awareness

August 2019 had been awesome, eventive, historic and memorable in more than one ways. Along with celebrating the awesomeness of August on this Independence day let’s be little more aware and more concerned. Abhiyan for Jal Shakti has been launched and we need to spread

IndiBlogHub – Largest Indian blog directory

New to blogging! Need a platform! Need to interact with co-blogger! Clueless how to get readers! Well, the answer is here! IndiBlogHub – A Great Indian Bloggers Community Bloggers, writers always need a platform to interact, participate, write, share and be seen. IndiBlogHub is an

What August holds in 2019 for us

August is an auspicious month so let’s find out what august holds this year. August the 8th month of the calendar is full of festivals and celebrations. In India which is traditionally strong and culturally diverse country, August holds an important place. Along with celebrating

Great Indian Restaurant Festival is back.

Yes, guys the most awaited Dineout’s GIRF is back from 1st august 1st September.  Get ready for #Monthofmore and explore your city for your favourite food. Calling all my lovely foodie friends. Be part of this yummy festival as there is entertainment, there is food,

Leaf’s Odyssey “Outside My Window”

A leaf’s odyssey is about to begin When I sit and see Outside My Window… Nature is alive The view is fresh it’s the sign for monsoons to arrive The barren trees will now bear leaves The journey will soon begin It’s the season of

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