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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Mother of Trees #WATWB

The invaluable service done by Saalumarada Thimmakka who is also known as the mother of trees to our environment has got worldwide recognition, recently she got awarded with 2019 Padma Shree for her contribution to social work and environment. She is indeed a daughter of

Sketch, Create and spread happiness!

Remember the days when we use to write cards for our loved ones. I use to love it a lot and use to make loads of images in the cards and wish my family and friends for a particular occasion. I had always loved drawing

Book Review – Desert Plant

What’s in the Book? Abhijit has described the title very well, Desert Plant is an extremely sturdy plant, which stays green even by staying in the scant environment, and the negative part is anyone trying to chew a desert plant gets a bloody mouth. So

Book Review – My Friends from Indian Mythology

What’s in the book? To begin with, I loved the title very much, It will surely attract kids to know more as sometimes mythological characters are taken seriously and then avoided but this book showcases them in an easy way and thus one can easily

Let’s fold and share the load

Hey, Sonny boys of mine… What an eventful month and productive holidays we had. We washed the clothes together Also, We cleaned the cupboards otehr day, We washed the utensils Had a great time when We laid tables, made teas and I’m really thankful that

Reflections of My AtoZ 2019

To begin with, thank-you so much to the atoz challenge organizers. I had participated with atozchallenge as well as blogchatter too. I also Congratulate myself on another successful completion and survivor of 26 A-to-Z Challenge blog posts. Year 2019 marks my second time with A

EBook Excitement and all you need to know

Hello guys and gals, so you have finally decided to go for your eBook, firstly let me congratulate you for taking this decision. What a feeling wow, your own eBook, your name on it, you will be the published author and what a recognition it

SonDay Funday clean-Day

Yet another week to spread the #sharetheLoad. I’m loving this initiative by Ariel as this all brings my boys more close to me, thankfully its chutti time here so I am able to get them freely and willingly with me. “If sharing the load is

The BlogchatterEbook carnival is back

The Blogchatter Ebook Carnival is back again with its Season 4. Yes, It’s back for all you book, novella writers, and for those who want to launch or start there debut book blogchatter is here to help you and I’m with them to mentor you

The Mystrey Blogger Award

This is the First time I have been nominated for The MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD by a very sweet person and running health and fitness blog at TrendToFit. Thank you very much. Your nomination has motivated me to write more and better. I always try to

Most Useful Ebooks on Mutual funds and Stocks Review
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