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Kindness to lil hearts

I took my sunshine kids to cow shed to show it’s not easy for milk to reach our mugs so finish it properly without making faces. I believe in zero wastage so i try & teach to respect the process & people involved in any food or drink we consume. I took them to show the activities happening in cow shed beginning from 4am. I try & teach kids kindness in everyday life & for everyone who helps us, our daily helpers maid, paperman, milkman, couriers & postman, veggie seller, fruit vendor, everyone. A kind word
A kind gesture
A simple smile
makes their day & this is a simple way of thanking our helpers, showing gratitude towards them.
#kindnessprevails #spreadlove💙 #spreadkindness #teachkindness

6 thoughts on “Kindness to lil hearts”

  1. Todd says:

    Great photo and a wonderful idea as a parent. It is such an important lesson to not take things for granted and respect everyone and their work. Well done!

    1. PraGun says:

      Thanks Todd for appreciating. We need to teach importance of everything to our kids being a responsible parent. Thanks again.

  2. BellyBytes says:

    A sis-in-law once took her kids for just such a lesson and the boy insisted that boys milk boy cows while girls milk girl cows 😉

    1. PraGun says:

      hehe such fun. kids are innocent & wonderful

  3. Esha M Dutta says:

    Nice one, Pragun. Very wise thing to start early on to teach such things to the kids. They learn best when they see things and know how to appreciate what they get in the comforts of their home. Thank you for joining us with this lovely photo and linking up for #ww.

    1. PraGun says:

      Thanks for appreciating, It’s my pleasure to join #WW. Yes practical teaching are more effective.

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