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Aam Papad/ Mango roll

hmmmmm yum isnt it!!!!!!!!!

I love mangoes like mad so my mom uses to make homemade aam papad for me so I can relish them when the season of mangoes is gone….this is how she use to make it…
mango pulp extracted from mangoes, either squeeze it out or peel the outer cover and chop to pieces and put in a mixer to get a fine paste.
then add sugar and little jaifal/ nutmeg powder to it…..you may think why to add sugar if mango is sweet but yes its required else the aam poli/ papad will turn black and also sugar acts as a preservative so the poli lasts longer…..
and then pour the pulp on little oiled plate and keep it in sun for at least 2 days till it is properly dried.
here the aam roti is ready to consume, keep it in airtight container and eat as required…

11 thoughts on “Aam Papad/ Mango roll”

  1. Ohh I just love Aam Papad. We call it Saathe (Aambyache saathe – Aam papad)
    And I just love to make them in my native village. Khatta Meetha <3

  2. I love Aam Poli too, yaay I never knew it was this easy rather I never saw any YT videos to make it. I’m from Sindhudurg so Mangoes are easily available here, will try this next year 🙂
    #vigorousreads #MyFriendAlexa

  3. Is the recipe really that simple ? I wanna try it as my family loves Aam papad . And if I wanna make khatta aampapad then what to do ?

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