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O for Ocean

Today is the need to Conserve Oceans and its life.
They are beautiful and are home to many marine creatures and lives.

Ocean, Seas, rivers and for that matter all water bodies are essential for human life, but with time along with using this essential natural source, we humans have also exploited it tremendously.
The ocean/ sea ecosystem has been badly affected due to this human intervention.
Be it dumping of garbage or waste material from factories and plants, Be it an oil spill or sewage all have disturbed the marine life beyond repair.
Beaches are cluttered with plastic bottles and plastics, which if accidentally consumed by sea animals choke them to death.
Plastic is non-degradable, and it’s floating on water surface severely affects marine species.
If we are able to provide our future generations with healthy, clean oceans it is going to be a great gift for generations to come.
Are you aware how much is ocean dump on today’s date?
So think before you throw that straw in the ocean, or the garbage we never care for after it’s gone from the house.

  • Use cloth bags
  • carry reusable utensils when going to get that carry away package.
  • carry your own mug for the coffee machine.

The sufferer is ocean and its creatures. Oceans have become garbage cans and it needs to be taken care of ASAP. Try and give a day to beach cleaning and you will realize what they are going thru.
Had long back heard about this Versova beach clean-up campaign in KBC episode by afroz shah and it’s a great initiative by him and his team. They date the Ocean and clean it up of decomposed litter
Oceans - Our Living Resource [infographic]
Pic courtesy – Pinterest.
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  1. Thank you for such an informative post. Have read recently about marine life that has died because of plastic. Very sad that people are polluting the ocean like that and affecting the lives of the fish and animals in the ocean.

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