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N is for all things Natural

When I talk about natural elements they are part of this beautiful nature only.

Admire it, nurture it, save it, take care of it, live with it.
All things around us trees, flowers, plants, leaves, animals, birds
Nature represents life, growth, the cycle of nature.
Nature is awesome, its beautiful, and its natural
So let’s conserve it, preserve it, nurture it.
My Life – Natural Life
How will it be if we get back to neem sticks for brushing and using soil or mud for bathing, we do it in a spa so why not in daily life, stay natural stay better.
Today I just post a small poem for this beautiful nature around us.
Beauty of harbinger

A twig of the grass
A drop of the rain
A bloom of the flower
A ray of the sun
It turns out that merely seeing nature can have a salubrious effect.
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