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A gift for me

A gift for me!!!! Oh really!!!!
Who am I….
I’m a Wandering soul, Crazy girl, Restless gal, always on the go, on the toes.
I am always confused
I am restive
I am multi-tasked and have multifarious views.
So what will I gift myself. May be Calmness!
A little more time to go at ease.
I will give myself the gift of calmness, a bit rest to search my soul in peace.
I want to look for more answers about myself.
I want to let go
I want to breathe
I want to run and burn
I want to enjoy the journey
I want to just sit and be
I want to be patient
May be I need a meaningful career
I need calm to give digital detox
I need Time alone
I need silence
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7 thoughts on “A gift for me”

  1. This is so true, Pragun. In this busy life we need to stop at times. We our losing our calmness in the rat race, leaving and overlooking the small but vital details in life. I hope you find the calmness you are wishing. 🙂

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