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Monthly Archives: February 2018

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Rang bhari Ekadashi

Today is rang bhari Ekadashi This day falls between mahashivratri and Holi festival. It is celebrated in north and specially in banaras as its believed that Lord shiva and parvati came to Kashi after getting married for the first time. Kashi as it is is

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Nothing is permanent

This too shall pass, so true. Life gives us laughs and pains, Happiness and sorrows and they all come with an expiry date is what I will say. They come, take there lead and then next chapter has to be taken on. This too shall

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Garden potpourri

A twig of the grass A drop of the rain A bloom of the flower A ray of the sun A hope of life A leaf on the tree Garden is potpourri of dreams With salubrious effect just by merely seeing it. Garden is a

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A gift for me

A gift for me!!!! Oh really!!!! Who am I…. I’m a Wandering soul, Crazy girl, Restless gal, always on the go, on the toes. I am always confused I am restive I am multi-tasked and have multifarious views. So what will I gift myself. May

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