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Raising Rainbowz

Rainbowz web is my web of the rainbow of my life.
My Rainbow are kids, my brats…
Rainbow is formed when sun and rain come together and that’s why have named my candies after sun and rain.
They are the rainbow of my life and have taught me a lot in the journey called life.
I write this blog about growing up with kids, my experiences, my being mom journey.
From a daughter to girl…then a woman and now mother.
Changing roles have taught me a lot.
But the most I learned was in the role of a mother.
My kids whom I call M&M candies have really changed me as a person.
Have transformed me, Have changed a lot, have learned a lot, have matured a lot and became a child once again because of them only.
Starting to pen down my journey with my kids. Growing up with M&M.
I m a blogger that too somewhere is connected to my kids and motherhood.
Check out my being a mommy journey @ WoWMoM which I connect to Earth element.

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