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Happy Children's Day

In this world, we learn a lot as a child only, so a child is a place where we can impart best of our knowledge and values.
No one is perfect but all we can do is do good, be good, share well.
What message I want to leave for my kids is only to be a good human.
Today being children’s day, before I leave a message I want to be the child again with all the children.
I want to jump, I want to play, I want to swirl, I want to be that little girl,
I want to dance, I want to hop, I want to hide, I want to go back on that slide,
I want to attend the school, I want to fight for that seat in the class,
No responsibility, no duties to abide, No bills to pay, no mess to clean,
Just move around carefree being the real me.
Watch cartoon for hours and then say i am tired for the day,
The special stomach ache which pops up only when school bus is arriving, the fight for that half mark with my best buddy.
I want to spend the best of my time with my kids to make them string, loving, caring humans.
Instead of attitude teach them gratitude
Instead of cheating teach them sharing/ helping
Instead of fighting teach them writing.
Will try to be a positive human anf helping hand for my kids.
Will tell them:
Sometimes even if you are right wrong may happen to you but you need to have faith and believe in yourself always.
Life is not easy but a good company will surely help you sail smoothly.
I want to tell them you are born on beautiful Earth so let your every moment be special. You are blessed to have good parents, Share and make good friends for life.
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  1. These feelings are so true. You may be good all your life still bad happens to you. That’s destiny. The secret is to enjoy every moment and accept the reality.

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