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I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge
#1 – Monday, Oct. 2 – PROMPT = Pattern
What is a pattern? It is any shape, design or geometrical figure or symbol. The pattern is a decorative design also it a way or sequence in which something is done. It can be artistic or literal or mechanical or musical design.
Personally, I’m obsessed with geometrical patterns in life. I love Zentangle, Mandala, Rangolis, Paisleys etc a lot. Our life is all patterns how we behave in happiness, anger, confusion etc. Our bodies are accustomed to a pattern and any change can have the different effect on our behavior.
Well, on a lighter note checking my blog again and again at the repeated interval is also a pattern and designing it in different ways is again a pattern.
Patterns and designs can define us and say a lot in figures. We are all surrounded by different patterns all around us, be it in nature or things around us in our very homes. Science has patterns, Mathematics has patterns, Art obviously has patterns. Even our thoughts that surround the panchtattwas of our life also have a logical pattern that forms the tanmatras. Tnamatras or 5 senses that rule us (Sight, taste, hearing, smell, touch)
The mandala structures or rangoli patterns say a lot in their designs. Mandala is a spiritual symbol that represents the universe. So its pattern also speaks a lot about the universe. Mandala pattern represents cosmos in these geometrical patterns.
Even in mehndi, we make patterns.
Our sleeping pattern, sitting posture, all tell a lot about us. Nature too has lots of pattern in daily life. Sand has patterns, waves have patterns, Bubbles, Spots, Architecture, Tiles, Floors, Fashion, Quilt, Bed sheets, Clouds, Soil, Landscapes, Leaves, Trees, Everything has a different pattern, everything has a different story.
Find your pattern, find your story, Explore your self and your pattern by yourself. We can ourselves learn to recognize our patterns and patterns around us. We can know a lot about ourself as well as our universe.
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22 thoughts on “Pattern”

  1. Yes, there is definitely a pattern in all that we do and like you mentioned I too love revisiting my blog often and see if I can make a change here or there. 🙂

  2. The Insecure Writer’s Support Group has led me to your blog, and I am so glad that it did. This was a wonderful post (I tweeted it out; hope you don’t mind.) Look forward to future posts. 🙂

  3. Very beautifully you explained all these patterns and shapes related to life or our surroundings. Without these shapes, figures and patterns our surroundings looks like messy or unmanageable. Isn’t it. Very nice write up.

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